Sunday 29 December 2013


It is imperative that all matters of claim - and, the disputes therein - shall be accorded mutual respect by all parties; at all times. And, that no matter shall be concluded until all parties are in accord.

This dictate is a most onerous matter for disputing Peoples. It is not within the tradition of most tribes / Peoples / states / nations; or, unions to enter into treaty deliberations in the absence of hostility. And, therefore, it is not within the bounds of probability that Peoples are likely to succeed in a lasting peace over disputes.

Peoples have thrived and perished since the dawn of civilization by brute force ... the mightiest shall be the victor. Hence, why speculate in this XXI century that any alternative mode of statesmanship will survive where it is predicated upon unanimous consent?

Perhaps, it is time for reconsideration.

The Turtle Island Vortex has been founded through customs and traditions that have prevailed for more than 10,000 years. Eleven hundred nations [some would say tribes : and, in this context all Royal Houses would be "tribes"] have nurtured the lands of the Americas since the land Great Cold ... and, perhaps, before that period. At the time of Zheng He and Columbus, more than 10 million Peoples dwelled on these territories; having developed sacred stewardship of the resources.